Widening Our Reach


A University's Challenge: Cambridge's Primary School for the Nation by Peter Gronn and James Biddulph, (eds.)
Cambridge University Press, January 1, 2017

Partnerships between independent schools and universities have long existed, to the benefit of the wider education community. These schools and universities can often be found at the intersection between theory and practice and are often in particularly strong positions to collaborate in addressing, in both practical and research-based ways, this key question: How do children learn best? However, there has been a shortage of documentation about these partnerships themselves, and what the driving principles and challenges are in such important work. This book looks carefully at what is possible. The University of Cambridge, Great Britain, opened its new elementary school in 2015. This volume tells the story of the Cambridge University Primary School from concept through the challenges and rewards of building "The Nation’s School." It offers theory-inspired analysis of the opportunities and importance of such a partnership within its local community, its country, and internationally. It is scholarly and accessible, detailing how an innovative primary school is addressing the learning needs of its pupils while taking a place in policy making, teacher training, and research. As it chronicles one university/public school experience, it also provides candor, encouragement, and promise to any school leaders looking for a wider reach and innovative partnership possibilities for their own institutions.

Submitted By: Elizabeth Morley, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

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