Founded on family. Focused on neuroscience, health, and education.


The Klingenstein Philanthropies is comprised of three foundations whose interests reflect the passions and experiences of the Klingenstein family. Although the focus of each foundation differs, together they aim to improve every person’s health, well-being, and education, particularly those most in need.

Who We Are

We seek to improve lives by advancing research and training in neuroscience, children’s health, medicine, and education.

Our Values

We value family involvement. 

Three generations of the Klingenstein family are involved in our philanthropy, from determining the overall direction of our programs to helping in the day-to-day management of our foundations.

We are patient. 

Once we decide to enter a field, often after extended study, we tend to stay committed, recognizing that it takes a long time to build the expertise and relationships to bring about lasting change. Two of our signature programs have been in place for about 40 years.

We value scientific research. 

We rely heavily on scientific advisory committees with deep knowledge of our programmatic areas. The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund’s neuroscience program, for example, has been led by eminent scientists, including two Nobel Laureates. The family respects the work of the advisory committees and takes care to not interfere with their scientific judgment.

We approach grant-making with healthy skepticism and insist on measurable results.

We’re willing to take risks on novel programs and approaches so long as we can be confident, based on measurable outcomes, that we are making a difference.

We try to smell the flowers. 

The problems we’re collaborating with others to solve are difficult and often long-standing, so it is important to celebrate the incremental successes of our partners, fellows, and grantees.

Our Approach

By collaborating with experts in science, policy, and practice, we focus our resources in areas that have the greatest need and where we can have the greatest impact. Sometimes that means funding areas or projects that others are unwilling to support.

Our Foundations

The EAJK Fund is committed to promoting breakthrough neuroscience research, fostering lasting changes in child care and early childhood mental health, and developing leadership in independent school educators and administrators. Read more

The KTGF seeks to improve the understanding and treatment of child and adolescent ADHD and depression, and to improve access to mental health care for children and their families. Read more

The SHDF is dedicated to the advancement of children’s health in Maine, primarily by improving their oral health. Read more