Transformation of Mental Health Care


In 2015, the Foundation initiated the “Transformation of Mental Health Care,” a program focused on improving access to high quality mental health care for children and adolescents, especially those from low-income families and under-resourced communities, or other marginalized populations that may have limited supports and resources.  This includes families that come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and families that live in poverty.  This program was prompted by recognition by KTGF Board members, based in part on their personal experiences, that it is often difficult for parents to access high-quality care when confronted with the challenging and often complex mental health needs of their children.

As a parent of a child who had ADHD and Depression, I was constantly frustrated by how difficult it was to get care that met my son’s academic and mental health needs and also my parenting concerns. That help should be easily available to everyone – especially those most in need.

Nancy Klingenstein Simpkins, Vice President

Black Early Stages of Social & Emotional Development Research Group

Recipient Spotlight

Erica E. Coates, Ph.D.
MedStar Health Research Institute
Georgetown University

Project Title: Improving Mental Health Care Access and Outcomes for Black Families with Young Children by Integrating Peer-Led Parenting Groups into Early Learning Settings

This project will extend a previous pilot study by evaluating a preventive parenting intervention, Strengthening Family Coping Resources Peer-to-Peer, with Black families with children ages 0 to 5 years-old, delivered outside a traditional clinic setting. Expected long-term results include a reduction in the development of at-risk children’s disruptive behavior disorders.

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