Supporting early childhood, neuroscience, and education.

Improving child and adolescent mental health.

Promoting the health of Maine’s children.

Founded on family. Focused on neuroscience, health, and education.

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How We Work

Inspired by the values of our family

For generations, the Klingenstein family has valued family involvement, patience and discipline, scientific research, measurable results, the advice of experts, and the joy that comes from helping make a difference in people’s lives.

Tackling important issues to benefit people

Klingenstein Philanthropies is committed to helping people by supporting breakthrough research in neuroscience, and by funding programs that improve the lives of children, especially in the fields of mental health, oral health, medicine, and education.

Disciplined commitments to our areas of focus

The areas we commit to are challenging and do not lend themselves to easy answers or quick fixes. They require patience and a long-term perspective. Once the decision has been made to get involved in a field, we tend to stay the course.

Current Funding Opportunities

We’re grateful for our partners in neuroscience, children’s health, and independent education. Please look through the current funding opportunities to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together.

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