Home Grown

Project Details


Our annual membership dues support this national collaborative of funders committed to improving the quality of and access to home-based child care.

As a collaborative member, we made a two-year grant (2023 and 2024) to fund Home Grown’s Pre-K Standards in Home-Based Childcare initiative that will provide technical assistance to city and state leaders to ensure the inclusion of home-based providers in publicly funded pre-K initiatives.

A second two-year grant (2023 and 2024) supports Home Grown’s initiative to partner with state and local governments to create comprehensive networks as durable infrastructure for home-based child care providers.

An additional two-year grant (2024 and 2025) supports the Thriving Providers Project to compensate family, friend, and neighbor caregivers serving a diverse population in New York City to understand the degree to which stabilizing the economic well-being of providers improves the availability and quality of care for young children.

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