Oliver J. Lindhiem, Ph.D.

Fellow in Access To Care

Project Details


David Kolko, Ph.D.


University of Pittsburgh


Improving Access to Care via mHealth Technology


Improving Access to Care via mHealth Technology

Project Summary

This project aims to obtain preliminary data on the efficacy of a smartphone-based mobile health system called UseIt! (Understanding Skill­use to Enhance the Impact of Treatment). The aims of this project are to assess target engagement and validation in the context of a pilot randomized controlled trial, to assess the feasibility of a future full scale effectiveness RCT comparing the UseIt! protocol to a waitlist group, and to refine the UseIt! apps based on feedback obtained from families.

The content for the UseIt! apps was developed by Dr. Lindheim with mentorship from Dr. David Kolko. Both versions of the app contain several features, including a diary for tracking behavior and a troubleshooting guide that provides detailed skill recommendations for problem solutions. Clinicians can review diary entries, set skill reminders, and send or receive messages through a secure online portal. The apps and clinician portal were built using the iMHere platform, developed at the University of Pittsburgh as a tool to support real-world monitoring and two way communication between patients and their providers.

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